Joint Math Meetings 2018, Day 4

Today was the last day of JMM 2018. It was a good day (better than I expected, in fact). I’ll do a full recap post in a few days, but it was another fun meetings, and I’ll miss it. I’m already looking forward to Baltimore next year (and to at least one of SIAM and MathFest this summer). Continue reading


AGU 2017, Days 1 and 2

After a couple of days at the AGU Fall Meeting, it’s not as overwhelming as I worried that it would be. The conference center and poster hall are huge, but other than that, it doesn’t feel like I’m at a conference three times larger than any other I’ve been to. There’s a lot of cool science, and obviously I’m loving getting to eat Cajun food. Continue reading

“Basic” and Detail in Prereqs

Over on Twitter, some folks were talking about the use of the word “basic” in math. A lot of the conversation was centered around the idea that “basic” is vague, inconsistent across people and places, and a moving target. Sometimes for Splash and Spark classes, I’ve listed something like “comfort with basic algebra” as a prerequisite. After reading the conversations on Twitter, I decided to dive deeper into what I meant by that.

Continue reading

MIT Splash, Fall 2017

I taught at MIT Splash this past weekend! I gave feedback on teaching for a couple of classes, and I taught Math Modeling and Ballet in the Soviet Union. Both of those were classes I’ve run before. I taught Math Modeling as a two hour course at MIT and Columbia Splash last fall and a one hour course at Columbia a couple weeks ago, and I taught Soviet Ballet at Columbia Splash and MIT Spark last spring. Thoughts on how both of the classes went this time below the fold! Continue reading