MIT Spark 2019

I taught four classes for MIT Spark this past weekend. One was entirely new, and the other three I had only taught in their current forms at Columbia Splash, so this was the first time I’d run them for middle school students. The results were mixed. I was pretty happy with two of the classes, and two of them need a lot more work.

One overall note: at previous Sparks I had noticed that there were very few girls in my STEM classes. That was not the case this year! I don’t think I consciously changed anything, so I have no explanation for this.

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MIT Splash 2018

MIT Spark is this weekend, and I remembered I hadn’t posted about Splash yet. I taught three sections of class at MIT Splash last November, one on graph theory and two on population dynamics.
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Columbia Splash Fall 2018

Columbia Splash was a couple of weeks ago, and it was on a Sunday for the first time! I’m not sure if it was because of the day of the week or some other reason, but turnout was really bad throughout the day. I had far fewer students than were enrolled in each of my classes, and I heard from other teachers that they were experiencing the same thing.

Columbia doesn’t have a student survey, so I gave two-question surveys to my kids at the end of a couple of my classes. The surveys asked about favorite parts of class and what I should change for the class in the future. Continue reading

ABT Met Season 2018

I saw five ABT performances this past Met season. I continue to prefer the variety of the fall season. All five performances were of story ballets, and only the two performances of Romeo and Juliet weren’t a restaging or reconstruction of a Petipa ballet. The only new work was Ratmansky’s reconstruction of Harlequinade. More details on each performance I saw are below the fold. Continue reading