21st Century Choreographers, Oct. 15

New York City Ballet’s 21st Century Choreographers program was a mixed bill of five ballets, three of them new works. Continue reading


Danish Dance Theatre, Oct. 13

I didn’t really know what to expect from Danish Dance Theatre’s Black Diamond. In particular, I didn’t know how I would feel about a two-act non-narrative (or, as it turns out, weak narrative) work. I was pleasantly surprised at how consistent the tone was (despite some disjointness) and how much I enjoyed the work. Continue reading

Math, the Atmosphere, and Dance

Hello! My name is Jessie Oehrlein. I’m a first year PhD student in the Applied Math and Applied Physics department at Columbia University. I’m on the applied math side of that, and my research will be related to atmospheric science (thus Math in the Sky). There’s more thorough background information on my About page.

The content on this blog will fall into a few different categories:

  • Some posts will be thoughts about how grad school is going and other school/math related activities that I’ve been up to. I love conferences, so when I get to go to one, I’ll likely say a lot about it.
  • There will be posts that are more about the math and atmospheric science topics themselves. As I read papers, I plan to write about some of my favorites.
  • Because I live in New York City, there will be many posts about dance performances, which will be something between reactions and reviews. My favorite form is ballet, but I also watch a lot of modern dance.

The blog will likely be light on the second category to start because my first year of graduate school is almost entirely classes. I’m not doing research yet, and I’m not reading as widely in atmospheric science as I hope to yet. Once I start to, my hope is that this blog will help me become more proficient in articulating atmospheric science and applied mathematics concepts and results to a general audience.

But for now, there will be lots to say in the first category, and I’m already averaging one dance performance per week. Welcome!