NY Quadrille: Oct. 9th

The second day of NY Quadrille at the Joyce featured the Loni Landon Dance Project.

The first thing I noticed was that every dancer work socks, and those who weren’t in long pants also wore knee sleeves. This meant that there was a lot of sliding going on, and Landon used this very effectively.

The first piece, Rebuilding Sandcastles, was pretty clearly the piece that was not choreographed for an in-the-round space, but it still worked well. The choreography made great use of momentum. There was lots of sliding around on the socks, and at one point dancers spun on a single knee. The movements clearly started in a particular part of the body and then propagated, and often this movement would propagate across dancers. (At times this made the choreography reminiscent of the game Ninja.) There were interesting groups and shifting of groups among the five dancers, with some partnering. This partnering was usually not mutual; it was generally one person partnering the other. (It wasn’t constrained by gender, though.) I really enjoyed the choreography and liked the movement, but I found that the theme didn’t come through very strongly.

Fast Love, the second and newly commissioned piece, also used momentum well but was even better about space. It paid a lot of attention to what space each dancer occupied and what space was unoccupied. Dancers slid into and out of spaces in really interesting ways (and sliding out of an almost-embrace was a theme; the full hug didn’t happen until the end). I thought the theme of connection and self came through more clearly here, but the piece also felt more forced.

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