2016 Reading Summary

I already posted about my favorite books of 2016, but here’s a broader overview of what I read this year.

I have 174 items marked as read on Goodreads this year. Two were short stories that had been previously released that I read in an anthology this year, so from here on out I’ll treat this as 172 items.

Those 172 included 163 books, of which 32 were picture books. The other 9 were short stories.

For the below demographic info, I’m using information I know about authors. In some cases I haven’t done much research, so these might be underestimates, but the numbers should be close to right. One of the books was a collection of interviews from NPR Storycorps, so it is excluded in the counts below about author/character demographics.

125 of the 171 books/stories had female authors, another 1 was co-written by two women, 3 had one female author and one male author, and 3 had nonbinary authors. Only one picture book had a female illustrator.

64 were by authors of color, and 3 were by indigenous authors. 15 of the picture books were illustrated by authors of color. 21 were by LGBTQIAP+ authors. 9 were by disabled authors. 16 books/stories were by authors with at least two of these marginalizations.

The books and stories were by a total of 129 authors. 49 are people of color, and 3 are indigenous. 16 are LGBTQIAP+. 6 are disabled. 10 are people with at least two of these marginalizations.

64 of the books/stories had main characters of color, and 3 had indigenous main characters. 6 others had significant characters who were indigenous or of color. 16 had LGBTQIAP+ main characters. 14 more had LGBTQIAP+ supporting characters. 13 had at least one important disabled character.

Of the fiction books, 38 were own voices (an author and character sharing a marginalization) for one of the marginalizations above or for a marginalized religion. Of the 14 biographical picture books, 6 had authors and/or illustrators sharing a marginalization with the subject.

Target audience of books:

Adult: 40.

New Adult: 5.

Young Adult: 70.

Middle Grade: 24.

Children: 33.


Nonfiction: 31.

Contemporary: 35.

SciFi or Fantasy: 91.

Historical Fiction: 15, plus a handful of alternate history/historical + magic counted under SFF.

For 2017, I set my Goodreads goal to 250 books, largely because I’m hoping to read at least 100 picture books.


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