JMM 2017 – Day 1

I’m currently at the Joint Mathematics Meetings! I’ll be writing more about them after the meetings are over, but I thought I’d do a brief recap of each day.

Today was the first day of the conference. My favorite talks were about clouds and looking at different regimes of shallow cumulus clouds as phase transitions, continuous data assimilation without observation error for 2D Navier-Stokes, and using Massey and Colley matrix methods to predict winners of the Tony Awards. I also went to graph theory, modeling, dynamical systems, and math in sports talks as well as two invited lectures, one on cryptography and one on focusing nonlinear dispersive wave equations. (That last one was really related to a class I took this semester, so I understood a lot more than I would have a year ago!)

I was also pretty social today. I had lunch with a friend I’d never met in person before, met one of my mother’s friends, talked to another student in the graph theory sessions, said hi to someone I played board games with at JMM 2012, had a cool conversation about atmospheric science with one of the conference center workers, and then met an author/book blogger who also does math-related things and talked about books and math with her.

Overall, it was a really good Day One!

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