JMM 2017 – Day 2

After a day of math research talks yesterday, most of the talks I went to today were in the Inquiry Based Learning session. That was all in the morning, and I got to hear people talk about using IBL in Precalculus, Real Analysis, and Discrete Math as well as discuss how they’d adjusted for very small classes or suboptimal spaces.

I also spent some more time wandering about the exhibits. There are always lots of cool books (data assimilation and uncertainty quantification and measure theory and…) and toys (120-sided dice and beautiful puzzles and knots!), and the math art exhibition is amazing.

From lunch on, my schedule was much more social. I had lunch with a group of Olin students ranging from class of 2010 to class of 2019, had coffee with someone else who works on the AMS Grad Blog, spent two hours volunteering at the Budapest Semesters in Math booth, and then went to BSM and Mathcamp alumni receptions. I also got to speak in (rusty) Hungarian with a woman who makes puzzles. It was a lot of talking with people, but I really enjoyed all of it, especially talking to prospective BSM students.

Finally, I went to the showing of The Man Who Knew Infinity, a film about Ramanujan. I enjoyed it, and it was a good way to end the day.

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