JMM 2017 – Day 3

I started today with my talk, which was based on modeling work I did for my senior capstone and continued over the summer. That went well, though the questions were really different from what I expected. I went to three other talks in that section, which was focused on business, industry, and government math, as well as a couple of talks about good homework or project problems.

I went out to lunch with my father and some friends of his from grad school, which was fun; we talked a lot about teaching generally and teaching differential equations in particular.

Most of my afternoon was taken up by the undergraduate poster session. I was presenting graph theory work that I did as an undergrad alongside a current student in the group. That also went well; we had good interactions with the judges and with other people who came by the poster. A professor whose work we cited stopped by for a couple of minutes, which is always cool

I went out to supper at a Mexican restaurant with students and staff from the Research in Industrial Projects for Students program. I did RIPS in 2015, and all the other students there were 16ers. At one point, we got to talking about math tests and competitions, and no one at my table had heard of the Mathematical Contest in Modeling. That’s a better competition fit for the average RIPS student than something like the Putnam, and a few people seemed really excited when I described the problems and the format. I also ended up talking for a while with a student who shares similar interests and applied to a lot of the same grad schools. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into supper, but I really enjoyed getting to know the 16ers.

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