JMM 2017 – Day 4

The last day of the conference was pretty relaxed for me. I had no obligations, so I just got to go to talks, look through the exhibits and the math art show one last time, and stop to talk to people that I ran into.

This morning I went to a nonlinear Schrodinger equation talk that I knew would have some material I wouldn’t understand, but it was related to a course I took last semester. I was able to understand the setup of the problem, the beginning of the solution, and the results, and I was happy with that. The other three talks I went to in the morning were all from the same research group, and they were about mountain waves (a type of gravity wave). One of the talks looked at the resolution necessary to fully understand vertical velocity and effect on potential temperature surfaces of these waves, and the other two were concerned with the effect on models of mountains waves of a two-layer or three-layer treatment of the tropopause.

After lunch, I went to some talks about teaching Discrete Math. These involved activities to promote active learning, thoughts on designing a course for a diverse audience, and using team-based learning. A couple of talks (including one that I missed) generated discussion about getting students excited about proving identities combinatorially instead of algebraically. (My ideal solution to this is to have people thinking about the meaning of combinations before talking about the expression in terms of factorials, but a lot of students have seen combinations in high school and would rather do the algebra.)

Finally, I went to Ingrid Daubechies’s incredible talk about using mathematics to help art historians and art conservators. She did a really good job going through work others have done as well as her own work to highlight the different mathematics that is used as well and the different types of art history, conservation, and restoration that can be aided by the use of math. Check out this site for some of Daubechies’s work; it’s pretty cool.

That’s the end of JMM for me! I’ll write a wrap-up post soon reflecting on the conference as a whole and how I spent my time, but it was another fun and inspiring year.

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