One Year

I just realized that it’s now been more than a year since I came on my accepted student visit to Columbia.I was here on March 1st and 2nd of last year, a Tuesday and a Wednesday. On Tuesday I was at the Morningside campus, meeting professors and students in Applied Math and going over to NASA GISS and the Earth Institute to met a few people there. And then on Wednesday I went to Lamont, met with atmospheric science professors and researchers, and then went to a group meeting.

A year ago, I fell a little in love. Going into the visit I would probably have said Columbia was my second choice, but the visit surprised me. I liked that I would have an office with all the applied math students but would also be able to work at Lamont. I enjoyed talking with all the APAM and DEES (earth science) students, professors, and scientists I met. For scheduling reasons, I actually didn’t get to meet Lorenzo, with whom I’m now working. I’m pretty sure that meeting him would have only made me more excited about being here.

Columbia was only my second of four visits, with the other two the next week, so I wasn’t making a decision yet. That didn’t happen until March 21st. But while I had liked the program and been very interested in it, that visit a year ago is what really led to me being here today.


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