2017 Reading Challenge Update 1

We’re a quarter of the way through a year, so I thought I’d give an update on where I am in various reading challenges.

Read Harder

I’ve read at least one book for twelve of the twenty-four categories, but for two of those I’ve only read picture books satisfying the prompt. I’d like to get non picture books for each category, so with that metric I’m at ten of the twenty-four categories.

2017 Diversity Bingo

I’ve read at least one book for nineteen of the thirty-six categories. All of these are satisfied by a non picture book. For a while I only had all the categories I’d read in if I double counted a book; now I have the nineteen without double counting. I actually don’t have a bingo on the card yet, though. (I have clearly not been strategic in my reading order. :P)

Queer 52

I’d read four books on this list previously, so I’ve added four to it to get back up to 52. Those four are Corinne Duyvis’s Otherbound, Riley Redgate’s Noteworthy, Lucas Hargis’s If Found Return to Astropop (if it comes out this year?), and Jaye Robin Brown’s Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruits. 

So far, I’ve read Otherbound and seven books from the main list. That means I’m at eight out of fifty-two, so I’m definitely behind on this challenge (by five books, in fact). I have read all the books I currently own from the list, though, so from here I’ll be either buying new books or checking out from the library.

Reading What’s Currently On My Kindle

So I didn’t start paying attention to this until this past week, so it’s not so much a status update as a statement of a new challenge. I have at least seventy-five books in English on my Kindle that I haven’t read. I acquire new such books at a mildly alarming rate. I’d like to get this number much, much lower and keep it low.

United Methodist Women Reading Program

This is another one that I’m behind on. The list has five categories, and I’d like to read at least two books from each category (and as many books on the list as possible generally). I’ve read one book on the list so far.


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