Reading for Pride

Happy Pride Month, y’all! I thought I would share some resources for finding queer books as well as highlighting a few recent queer books that I’ve enjoyed.

I had originally planned to post something like this on Facebook, but I’m still a little nervous about being out as demisexual and (probably) gray-romantic there. I also worried that parts of this would come off as too promotional. So I’m writing it as a post here instead.

Without further ado, here are the lists (below the fold)! Continue reading


School Updates

I’ve been relatively quiet recently, and that’s mostly because my qualifying exams were a couple of weeks ago. My program is structured so that we take 30 credit hours our first year and then quals in mid May. I’m very happy to say that I passed quals with distinction!

This summer, I’ll be staying here at Columbia, mostly doing research. My project currently is about the relationship between the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) and the 11 year solar cycle. I’m going to hold off on saying too much about this for now, but I’ll probably write a good deal about it in a few months.