2017 Top Books, January-June

My 2016 top books post got very long, and I’m on track to read more this year, so I thought I’d write one post now, about halfway through the year, covering my favorite books of the year up to this point. (Note: many of my comments below draw liberally from my Goodreads reviews.)

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Spring 2017 MIT Spark, Columbia Splash

This is very belated, but I taught two classes at MIT Spark and Columbia Splash this spring. Spark is aimed at middle school students, and Columbia Splash is for students in grades 8-12. The two classes I taught were both one hour long, one about weather data (in particular, using and interpreting skew T-log p plots) and one about ballet in the Soviet Union. Any feedback is welcome!

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Park Reviews: Kennywood

This was my second trip to Kennywood, but the last one was in May 2005, so it had been a while, to say the very least. They’ve only added one new coaster, Sky Rocket, in the meantime, so that was my top priority.

It’s funny. That 2005 trip included a couple of days at Cedar Point and a day at Kennywood. When I went back to Cedar Point last year, it felt like coming home; the layout of the park seemed deeply familiar. I knew the park. I didn’t need a map. That’s not how Kennywood was at all. The coasters were familiar, Phantom’s Revenge in particular, but I remembered nothing about the park itself. (You’d think I’d remember walking through the tunnel under the road, but nope.)

If I were to go back again, I think I would remember it better now, but I still don’t think it’s a place that’s every going to give me the feeling that Cedar Point does, that feeling of slipping into my right and natural place. That’s not a negative to Kennywood, but it’s an interesting contrast.

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Reading Challenge Update 2

We’re now halfway through the year, so I thought I’d give another update on my reading challenges. My Goodreads reading goal for the year is 250 books, and I’m at 163, so I’m definitely in good shape there.

Read Harder

I’ve read at least one book for seventeen of the twenty-four categories. For two of those, the only books I’ve read for the category are short-ish, illustrated poetry books. It would be nice to read other books for those two categories.

2017 Diversity Bingo

I’ve read at least one book for twenty-eight of the thirty-six categories. If you include memoir as satisfying an own-voices requirement, then I get twenty-nine. I do have to double count in one instance to get all of those, though; I’m currently satisfying “West Asia setting” and “Non-western real world setting” with a single book. I even have two lines of bingo now! 😛

Queer 52

I’d read four books on this list previously, so I’ve added four to it to get back up to 52. Those four are Corinne Duyvis’s Otherbound, Riley Redgate’s Noteworthy, Alice Oseman’s Radio Silence, and Jaye Robin Brown’s Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruits. 

So far, I’ve read Otherbound, NoteworthyRadio Silence, and twenty-two books from the main list. That means I’m at twenty-five books out of fifty-two, so I’m only about a book behind! That’s a huge improvement over the last update, when I’d only read eight out of fifty-two. I’ve read a bunch from the library, but there are still nine or ten more books on the list that I can get from Overdrive without having to request it myself, so I’m in good shape.

Reading What’s Currently On My Kindle

When I started paying attention to this, I had 75 unread books in English on my Kindle. I now have 83. I’ve read 19 books on my Kindle in the meantime. (I’ve been doing a lot of Overdrive reading recently.) Yeah. Umm. Did I mention that I acquire ebooks at a mildly alarming rate? Right.

Ramadan Readathon

The idea behind Ramadan Readathon was to read books by Muslim authors during Ramadan. I read Thorn by Intisar Khanani, Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan, and Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan. I also read It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel and Rooftops of Tehran, which might or might not really count.

United Methodist Women Reading Program

I’ve still only read one book on the list. My goal was ten, at least two from each category. This… might not happen.