Joyce 2017 Summer Season

I didn’t post full reviews of many of the performances I saw at the Joyce this past year, but I wanted to (belatedly) write impressions of all of them. This post is about the shows I saw at the Joyce in June and July 2017, including three performances that were part of the Ballet Festival. Continue reading


Ability Grouping, Foreign Language, and Math

I see a lot of writing in the math education community against homogeneous ability grouping, tracking, etc. It’s a difficult topic for me. I recognize the biases that often go into those things and the inequity they promote while also feeling like there are times and situations in which some students need something like grouping/tracking. I’ve been puzzling over these conversations, not sure how to feel or think, for at least a year now.

I’m still in that place, but I also have a story to tell about experience with a mix of heterogeneous and homogeneous ability grouping. It’s actually a story I’ve had all along, but I didn’t realize it. Continue reading

My Favorite Theorem: Liouville’s Theorem

Evelyn Lamb and Kevin Knudson have started a new podcast called My Favorite Theorem. In each episode, they have a mathematician as a guest, and that guest talks about their favorite theorem. They also have to pair that theorem with something, often a food. This inspired me to think about which theorem is my favorite (not difficult) and what food I would pair with it (more difficult). Continue reading